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  1. My wife and I have been using the East trail for running, with my 14 year old son half-heartedly riding. We have the Cactus Rose 100/50 mile race coming October 24th. We generally has been using the first part of the East loop . I noticed the East side back part is going back to nature. This past Sunday I tried the west side. Giant portions of it has gone back to nature. The the very end Elliott elation is still navigable. The middle part has very much gone back to nature with weeds 5 foot tall in the path or there is no path at all anymore. Since I am using the trails I feel it is my duty to help maintain and take care of them. I would like to join your club and help maintain and clean them up.

    • Hi Ed, I’m glad you have been using the trails at Lake Bryan. We have had some recent reroutes on the East Side Trail – for instance, all of the trail that is on the side of the levee is now off-limits. Other than a large down tree on Munnerlyn/Loop de Loop, the currently open parts of the trail have been pretty clear up through this Saturday. Where are you encountering unmaintained trail on the East Side?

      Regarding the West Side Trail, we have been given grant support by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for improving it, but they have asked us not to start any building until they have had a chance to complete and environmental impact study, which will probably take the rest of the year. The good news is that we will have $20,000 to work on the trail, after the study is complete.

      To join the club, you can download the membership form from our main page and mail it in or bring it to a group function. We are having a general meeting on Monday, Sep 7 at Blue Baker on University at 6:30pm. We are having a trail maintenance day at the Millican Reserve Saturday, Sep 12 at 8:00am. There is a Tuesday night social ride at Millican Reserve at 6:30pm tonight (6:15pm weekly thereafter), and our last 2 Wednesday night time trials will be this week and next week at 6:30pm at Millican Reserve, too.

      Thanks for your interest!

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