BTU has closed the East Loop trails at Lake Bryan until further notice

They are doing some planned work on a sewer running along the bottom of the levee, which will take several months.

The West Loop is still open at the moment. We will post an update when we hear more.

It is very important that we respect BTU’s wishes and keep off the East Loop during this time! Please comply with all warning signs and trail closures.


The BVMBA Officers






  1. I unwittingly rode East trails today, as there were no restrictive signs. I may be an idiot for doing so, but it would be helpful if this type of information were more readily accessible to out of town riders.

    • Hi Scott,

      Sorry if you had a frustrating ride. Yes the east Lop is still closed, the west side is still open for business and was mowed last weekend. BTU have closed that whole side of the lake but they did not place any restrictive signs. Sometimes times the lady who works on the toll booth will stop people riding on the east loop but obviously not all the time.

      We can block of the trail head the next time we ride at Lake Bryan.


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