December 2013 meeting minutes

Attendees- Cade, John, Justin, John, Jonathan, James, Mike, Travis, Victor, Rob, Ross (New)

Trail maintenance- John and Cade rode yesterday and the trails were still wet in places. They should be okay to ride tomorrow. The plan for trail maintenance is to do general clearing and lopping of the East Loop.

Millican Reserve- A group of club members met with representative from the Millican Reserve recently. They have mapped out an area on which we can build trails. James has done a rough draft of a few sections of trail on Google Earth. The club will start tagging trails before Christmas.

Races- Several club members raced the RPR 100 km at Reveille Peak Ranch two weekends ago. We had a great time despite the very cold conditions. Jacob and Mike finished 7th in their category, John and Cadefinished an impressive, 3rd, and Jonathan finished 8th.

High School MTB Team- The team now has 18 riders! Their first race is 8th Feb.

Summer time trial awards- We had a very enjoyable series, thanks for timing James! Congratulation to the following riders:

Fastest Lap- Mike

Fastest Junior Lap

3rd overall- Jason

2ns overall- Mike

Overall series winner- JP

Winter TT- The plan is to start the series before Christmas and race the first half of the East loop without Octopus.

Social ride- The trails should be dry enough for a ride this week. We will meet on Tuesday at 6.30 pm

Officer elections- There were no opposing nominations so for 2014: President- Victor, Vice-president- Travis, Secretary/Treasurer- Jonathan

Trips- James went camping at Tyler SP with his brother and his family and had a great time on the trials there.

Christmas ride- There was an interest in organizing a Christmas ride this year.


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