Meeting Minutes 4th November 2013


Travis, Justin, Jonathan, Gina, Dave K. (new), Ali, Mike, Gabriel, John F., Cade F., Victor, James.

Officer nominations

The following nominations for officers have been made for 2014:

Victor- President

Travis-Vice president

Jonathan- Secretary/treasurer

At the meeting next month there will be a vote for these positions.

Trail closures

BTU has several ongoing projects that are going to affect the mountain bike trails at Lake Bryan. We are working with BTU to try to keep the trails open as much as possible during this process but there will be some disruption to trails. Early next year they will be installing a sanitary sewer along the bottom of the levee on the east side of the lake. During this time all the East Loop trails will be closed. When we allowed back on this side of the lake, a lot of work will be needed to reroute the trails before they can be ridden again.

In the near future several oil well pads will be installed around both sides of the lake. Unfortunately, while this going all the mountain bike trails will be closed. Once the oil wells have been installed we will be allowed access to the lake but again a lot of work will be needed to reroute the trails before they can be ridden.

Trail maintenance

We will focus on the West Loop at the session on Saturday 9th November. General trail tidying and removal of deadfall is needed.

Millican Reserve

We will meet with representatives from Millican Reserve in the near future to discuss the locations on which we can build new trails.

High School MTB Team

John F. announced that the High School MTB team is going from success to success and will grow again this year. There will be at least 15 athletes, 5 of which will be female, all grades will represented, and they will come from College Station High School and Texas A&M University Consolidated High School. The team will need a donation to help fund their races again this year. This could come from the club or individual members.


The planned camping trip this weekend was cancelled due to bad weather. James and his brother have a trip to Arkansas planned this weekend (8-10th November) and they are looking for people to joining them.

Group rides

All group ride will be moved back to 6.30pm now the clocks have gone back.


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