Meeting Minutes 2nd September, 2013


Graeme (New), James, Jonathan, Justin, Patrick, Kim, Ali, Gina, Travis

Trail Maintenance

The club will meet for TM this Saturday (7th September) at 8am by the boat ramp at Lake Bryan. There is a lot of deadfall that needs to be removed. Areas that especially need attention include Loop-de-Loop, The Octopus, and Little Warda. There is flooding in the middle section of the Bow Tie swamp crossing on the West Loop. This may need anther section of bridge. Also, the log crossings on the Octopus trail both need attention.

Map of West Loop

Justin has gathered GPS data form the West Loop and the Octopus and Mike is adding this to the existing trail maps.

Officer Elections

Nominations for 2014 BVMBA officer positions (President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer) are due in October and voting in will take place in November.

Stubborn Wrench

Ali and Kim have set up a business as mobile bike mechanics. They will be able to assist people with repairs at Lake Bryan and go to trails or collect the bike that needs repairing directly from the customer, make the repairs, and then drop it back. Their website is STUBBORNWRENCH.COM.

Tuesday Group Rides

Tuesday group rides will be moved to 6pm so that we have enough daylight.

Millican Reserve

The club has kindly been given access to the existing horse trails on Millican Reserve on Wednesdays. Liability waivers must be signed and handed in before Club Members can ride these trails. We plan to have group rides at 6 pm on Wednesday evenings starting next week.

Summer Time Trial Series

The summer TT series concluded last week. Thanks to James for timing the whole series! We look forward to seeing him back on his bike for the Winter TT series. Also, thanks to Aggieland Cycles for sponsoring the series!


The possibility of organizing a club camping trip in October was discussed. Possible destinations included Camp Eagle, Reveille Peak Ranch, or trails around the DFW area.


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