Meeting Minutes August 2014


Gina, Chris, Kerry, Jonathan, Jason, Collin, Dana, Patrick, Mike, James, Brad, Pauline

Trail maintenance

Trail maintenance will be held on Saturday 10th August starting at 8am. We plan to work on the West Loop, specifically the Bowtie area, Junk Yard, and the Jungle. There is a lot of mowing, lopping, and removal of deadfall that needs to be done.

Patrick will look into using people doing community service hours to help at future trail maintenance sessions.


Several club members of racing at Blazing Saddles the 6-hour race being held at Bluff Creek Ranch on August 17th.

Millican Reserve

The management at Millican Reserve has kindly offered to make their horse trails available to us on specified days of the week. Patrick will ask them if it is possible to ride on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They are also working on defining and mapping out the areas that we can use for building permanent trails


A trip to Cameron Park in Waco has tentatively been scheduled to Sunday 1st September. We aim to be at Cameron Park by 8.30 am.

Updated West Loop map

Justin is working on making a GPS map of the West Loop and overlaying this on the existing trail plans.


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