July Meeting Minutes


Justin, Travis, Jason, Jonathan, Gabriel, Gerald, Tommy, James (back from Colarado after his wreck), Mike, JP, Victor


JP, Victor, Travis, Jonathan, and Jason went to Rocky Hill Ranch and this weekend. It was Jason and Jonathan’s first time riding these trails. We were lucky with the weather and it was not too hot. The group had a great time.

The club has an upcoming day trip to Cameron Park in Waco on Saturday 13th July. More details will follow.

A weekend camping trip to Reveille Peak Ranch is planned for the weekend of 20th July. More details will follow

Millican Reserve

The club has been invited to participate in the Melon Festival at Millican Reserve on the 4th of July. There will be a group ride on the 3rd starting at 6.30 pm.

Riders must have signed a waiver. On the 4th of July at 8:00 am club members will act as group leaders for members of the public doing discovery rides at the reserve. Volunteers are needed!


Trail maintenance

This Saturday we will meet for trail maintenance at 8.00 am. The areas that we need to work on this month include:

A fallen tree in Munnerlyn Loop, this may need a chain saw to be removed

General trimming on both sides if the Lake

Mowing of West Loop after half-pipe

Collection of cedar posts for the new signs

A map of the West Loop map is still needed by BTU.

Time trial

There will be no TT on the 4th of July. The TT will resume on Thursday 11th July at 6:30pm and will be a complete lap of the West Loop. Members are encouraged to use Strava for the TT to generate interest from other cyclists.


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