Meeting Minutes June 3rd, 2013

Thomas (New)
John F
Aaron (New)

Trail maintenance
James reports that the West Side is officially open but still needs some finishing off mainly removing stumps. The new trails need to be ridden in though. The East Loop needs work to remove some face slappers, mow long grass and a felled tree. We will work on the trails focusing on the East Loop on Saturday 8th June at 8am.

The new signs for the signs are ready to be put up and this will be done as time allows.

BTU has requested updated maps of the trail system and we will work on these.

We will be taking orders for BVMBA technical T-shirts. To order a T-shirt talk Jonathan, Patrick, or Justin. They will cost $25 each.

The URL for our website is being moved by Justin as the account with the old host had expired this has taken a lot of time and effort.

Summer TT
The summer time trial will take place on the West Loop to ride in the trail if possible. The TTs will start on Thursday June 13th at 6.30pm.

Milican Reserve
We will arrange a group ride at Millican Reserve this or next week.

The guys at Millican Reserve have kindly invited BVMBA to their 4th of July party. We plan to do a family ride and a BBQ.

Justin, Travis, JP, Nick, and Collin had a great time riding at Rocky Hill Ranch over the Labor Day weekend. There is interest in day trip and camping trips in the coming weeks.


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