Dirty Dozen 2013 race recap

BVMBA had was represented by 4 teams at this year’s Dirty Dozen 12 hour race.

  • Boone Flynn was a member of the Aggieland Cycling team that won the 3-4 man team open.
  • John Flynn, Victor Mason and I were on a 3 man team that finished 4th in the  Masters category
  • James Munnerlyn, Justin Flynn and Collin Clark finished 10th also in the Masters category
  • Travis Prochaska and Jonathan Lidbury finished 4th in the 2 man open category.

Friday night

Travis and  skipped work early and got to the ranch around 5pm.  Our usual spot was already taken so we found a more secluded spot on the other side of the pond.  Access was a little complicated but it was secluded and very nice spot.  James joined us as the sun was setting and Victor got there even later.  We made a fire, had a beer and strategized for the next day. 1 lap or 2 laps each?, who runs theLeMans start? etc…

Kim, Ali and Jared did a night ride and stopped at our campsite to say hi.  (By their second lap, everybody was already asleep!)

Saturday: the Race

everybody got to the campsite between 7 and 8am and we started to get busy for the 9am start!  John brought awesome coffee and Justin, Travis and Victor got prepared for the LeMans start.

Victor got an excellent start, being about 5th on his bike.  Travis and Justin had good runs too, being in the middle of things and looking strong.

Things were running smoothly for the first couple laps until Travis got hit with 2 mechanical failures, braking his chain on one lap and braking a derailleur cable on the next one (had to finish the lap “Single Speed” style).  Fortunately, Bike Mart had a mechanic out there that fixed his bike super fast in both occasion.

Not so fortunate was Victor who crashed at the end of his 3rd lap and hurt his knee pretty bad.  He was running very strong up to that point with 34 minutes laps.  Being a trooper, he hobbled through 2 more laps but had to call it quits after that.  John and I picked up that slack nicely and managed to finish strong.  We were about 3 minutes behind the 3rd place team on the very last lap and we almost caught them, finishing 10 seconds behind.

Justin also had knee issues so James finished the day with 2 consecutive laps to put the team in 10th place.

It was an awesome day, with Ali and Kim cheering us and rocking to 80’s classic rock  all day at the solo table and with Bob and Joel taking pictures on the trail.  All the BVMBAs did great especially considering it was the first race for Justin, Jonathan and Collin; or the first race in a long time for James.