Meeting Minutes – 7 January 2012

The notes are not as pretty as the usual notes. Our Sec. is out sick.  Get better soon!


Attendees:  Mike R, Jonathan L, Justin F, Gina H, John F, Joel R, Boone F, James M, J.P. R, Travis P,


Elections:  Justin F. was elected President, Patrick F. was elected VP, and Jonathan L. was elected Sec/Tres for the 2013 year. Congratulations!


Trail Maintenance is scheduled for this Saturday at 8:00.  Meet at the boat ramp parking lot.  There are several misc. items that need to be worked on including repair of a few bridges, clearing out the “falling” canopy on Last Call, repairing the wash-out in Rat Maze, and repairing the “trenches” on Goat Trail and Prelude.


It was noted that the web site does not say anything about the West Loop being closed due to BTU work.  This will be noted on the home page.


James went over some of the work done on new trail.  This could be a big event item to get the majority of cutting done.


Races:  Boone raced the EE last weekend and came in 10th in the Open category!  Congratulations!  Other races coming up include the El Paso and Comfort marathon races (Jan 20 and  26), and the Dirty Dozen 12 hour race on Feb 2.  The Dirty Dozen will be a great training race for the Desert Fest on Feb 14-16!


Finally, John F. gave an update on the HS race team.  There may be 5 races this year:  Rocky Hill, Reveille Peak Ranch, Huntsville State Park, San Angelo, and Rocky Hill Reverse.


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