Meeting Minutes – December

Trail Maintenance This Saturday – 8 a.m.

Blair Witch needs work

Work on the “new” trail….

Build podiums for the new maps

Paint signs

West Loop Status

We have a new contact person with BTU, Allen. The West Loop is still closed until further notice. Here is what we know:

The issue is that the release of the west loop to the public is based on the approval of the Texas Dam Commission of the State of Texas. They base their decision on multiple factors  and in the last review they stated that the growth of the vegetative cover over the areas that were being worked on was not acceptable yet. So until they are satisfied with that and other details the area will remain closed to bicycle traffic. So as you can see there is no timeline that we can predict the opening of the trails to bicycles.

When the trails are open we will notify you ASAP.

Feb. Desert Trip

The desert trip is coming up fast. We’re looking for a headcount by next month so we know how many vehicles are needed and/or if it would be worthwhile to rent a van/trailer. The “Desert Trip” as we’ve called it is a 3-day mt bike festival way out in west Texas. Check out a post/photos from last year’s trip.

Time Trials

TTs are under full swing with 3 of them behind us. James is being accused of doping (not really… but his times have been dropping like its hot…). Patrick’s gunning for a sub 40 ride here soon – especially with some new bike parts on order…. Watch out folks!

BVMBA Officer Nominations

President: Justin F.

VP: Patrick

Secretary: Jonathan

Camp Eagle Race

Mikey and Joelsy raced at Camp Eagle last weekend. Mikey scored 1st in his age group and 8th overall. Joel has yet to figure out that the purpose of a race is Not to break bike parts, but to… ride your bike.  😉

A&M Consolidated High School Mt. Bike Team

The first AMCHS meeting is coming up! Its that time again for the High Schoolers to get rolling. Get ready for another exciting season!


In Attendance:

James M, Jason F, Kerry S, Christopher A, Gina H, Travis P, Justin F, Jonathan L, David G, Patrick F, Kim T, Ali W



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