Meeting Minutes – November

Mikey was a grump-cicle to start off with at this week’s meeting. It happens. 😉

Winter Time Trials

Winter Time Trials will begin this week!

Start times will land somewhere between 6:30 and 7 p.m.

There will not be a Time Trial held on Thanksgiving, Christmas or February 14.

Weekly Group Ride

Moves to 6:30 on Tuesdays since it will be dark regardless and this gives more people more time to get out to the lake.

Club Officer Nominations

We will be nominating club officers at the next meeting (Dec. 3). We recommend showing up to the meeting if you would like to be nominated. It is also of note that …you do have to accept the position, we will not force you.

The positions include: President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.

Trail Maintenance

We will gather at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning (Nov. 10)  in the parking lot to begin trail maintenance. We are expecting numerous student volunteers (20?) to be with us so will be able to tackle a lot of the trail. General trimming and maintenance is priority.

NICA High School Coaches Meeting

Mike and John both atteneded the NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) coaches clinic this past month. Saturday’s topics covered risk management, legal, crazy parents, general management. Sunday was spent learning how to teach mountain biking skills.

There will be more teams participating in the high school race scene this year. Races will be held at Rocky Hill (2 races there), Revielle Peak Ranch, and … the fourth venue is yet to be determined.

Get Dressed, BVMBA!

Submit designs if you have some in mind for a jersey.

There was also discussion of club t-shirts and/or tech-t’s to have for hanging out at races or during trail maintenance. Again, submit designs if you have something in mind…

Camp Eagle Weekend and 24hrs of Rocky Hill

Thanks Joel for the oral history of the Camp Eagle weekend and especially for the fantastic write-up!

Levee Signs

Hey Justin F.! You got some props at the meeting for your nice blue/yellow levee signs. Users are finding them quite helpful on the trails.

Further discussion was had about what to do with the signage on the trail system… Stay tuned.

In attendance:

Boone F, Jason F, J-P, Mikey, Munnerlyn, Patrick , Travis , John F, Joel, Ali, Kim, Jonathan



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