October Meeting Minutes and TT awards

Trail Maintenance will be this Saturday at 8 a.m.

With the heavy rain last weekend, there will likely be some dead fall to clean up. Trimming needs to happen at the bottom of the switchbacks. With the PowePedal coming up, we may do some work on the West loop… Maybe.

Speaking of, the PowePedal is coming up on October 13. Come on out and race!

Camping Nov. 2 at Camp Eagle is officially on the calendar as 2 shelters have been reserved for. BVMBA covers camping costs, but you will need to cover any day-use fee that might apply. ($10 for Camp Eagle?).

The annual trip to Big Bend is around the corner (pun intended!). February 14-16 is coming up fast and you don’t want to miss this trip so get it on your calendars! Check out all the fun that was had this past year.

Joel gave us a delightful recap of the Revielle Peak Ranch adventures this past weekend (Sept 22-23).

The weekend was kicked off with the Terra Firma Adventure Race on Saturday. Kim and Ali represented BVMBA in the 6hr 2-person female team category and not only won that category, but also the overall!

Joel, Mikey, J-P, John and Boone all raced on Sunday in the RPR 100k race. Mike and Boone both registered as sport (rather than Open) riders and wound up taking 1st and 3rd place respectively as the overall solo males. Mike beat last year’s best time by 36 minutes!?!? Unbelievable, guys. John and Joel also had fantastic rides, finished the entire race and placed in the top half! J-P went from 20 gears down to 2 on the first lap and still managed to complete 3 laps!

Of course, Bobcat13 was there this weekend making everyone look good. Take a gander through the photos to check out the race scenery!

I believe it is safe to say that BVMBA gave Texas something to talk about this weekend. Well done everyone.

Time Trials!

The summer Time Trial series raised $100 for the A&MCHS Mt. Bike team this past season. Great work everyone!

Awards went out to:

Overall                                 Participant                                          Prize
1st Place                              James Munnerlyn                           Overall trophy,  $50 Certificate
2nd Place                             Jonathan Lidbury                            Certificate Award,   $30 Certificate
3rd Place                             Joel Reyes                                     Certificate Award,   $20 Certificate
Fastest Overall M             Boone Flynn                                      Certificate Award, Slime Tube
Fastest Overall F             Kim Topp                                           Certificate Award, Slime Tube
Most Improved M             Patrick Farnsworth                             Certificate Award, Slime Tube
Most Improved F             D’Angela Manago                                Certificate Award, Slime Tube 26”
Most Mechanical M        Greg Swoboda                                    Certificate Award, Slime Tube
Most Mechanical F         Gina Hokanson                                   Certificate Award, Slime Tube 26”
Newcomer                      David Gilman                                      Certificate Award, Slime Tube 26”
Great work out there everyone!!!!

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