Blazing Saddles, the Afterburn wrap-up

BMVBA was very well represent at this years Blazing Saddle, the Afterburn endurance race held at Bluff Creek Ranch in Warda.

99% of the trail system was utilized during the race.  The 1% that was taken out was the Palicade and bridge section.  I’m sure everyone was dissappointed that was ommitted from the race loop, NOT!!  With the rains Warda receive on Friday morning the race officials decided it could be a hazard as the race got nearer.

Back to the race.  A total of 59 riders were out this year to show support for the Sun and Ski Youth Mountain Bike team.  The temperature was about 93 degrees with about 95% humidity at 6pm .  Mike Record, Travis Hilton, John & Boone Flynn, Nicholas Kennedy, Kim Topp, Collin Clark and Joel Reyes all raced solo with Dana Clark, Katelyn Ivey, and Jennifer Reyes out supporting and cheering us on.

The solo open group started first then the solo men followed by the solo female and 2 person team.  All groups were separted by a 1 minute interval.

With everone on the race loop we get several oppurtunities to chit chat and shout out encouragement to each other.

There were a few incidents throught out the evening and i’ll leave those stories alone because they’ll be more interesting if told by the person it happened to.  But overall we did well and came out with a few leg cramps and a few bumps and bruises.

One last THANKS to all our friends we saw out there racing. Till next time we see ya on the trails!!!

BVMBA Solo Men Results:

Boone Flynn – 6th, 7 laps completed at 11:56:30pm                                                 Travis Hilton – 12th, 7 laps completed at 12:22:20pm                                                  Mike Record – 13th, 7 laps completed at 12:25:44pm                                                      Joel Reyes – 16th, 6 laps completed at 11:43:30pm                                                      John Flynn – 17th, 6 laps completed at 12:28:12pm                                                Nicholas Kennedy – 22nd, 4 laps completed at 9:12:06pm                                        Collin Clark – 26th, 4 laps completed at 11:20:20pm

BVMBA Solo Women Results:

Kim Topp – 5th, 4 laps completed at 9:43:15pm



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