Levee work followup #2

Our BTU liaison call me back (very prompt!)  The work will start on Tuesday and will be done on Thursday.  THE EAST LOOP IS TO BE CLOSED TUESDAY THRU THURSDAY.  THE WEST LOOP IS TO REMIAN OPEN.  The equipment doing this work throws wood chunks everywhere.  On Friday, the trails will be open again.  You may have to hike a bike at a few locations.  The contractor is aware of the trails and will try to keep the entrances open  The new non-BVMBA cut trail across from BMX will be taken out.  I have questions about all of this, but just have to see what really happens on the ground, vs planned.  Point is that they are aware of the trails and have some level of sensitivity towards them.

Now…  Phase II is in design.  This is the actual reinforcement of the levee.  He does not know what this work entails.  When the design works gets further along, we will meet with them on site to see what the impact will be.  The switchbacks may  remain!

Mike Record, Pres.



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