Social Ride – April 24

If you happened to miss this week’s social ride, I hate to say that you are probably better off for it!

Though we had a BLAST, we were also haunted by mechanical issues…

To begin, James pushed back our start time to change a flat. No problem, this is a common happening.

Later on James’ bike was making some concerning noises which turned out to be his hub …ready to explode. He walked his bike back out of the trails. Sorry James!

Kim (…me) was up next. For the first time in a very very long time, I was noticing my rear tire going flat. Ali always picks on me and my tubelessness so I was very pleased that she was not there to witness this experience. Fortunately with tubeless all it takes is a shot of CO2 and we’re on our way. 😛

Next up, we hear a PING sound. I thought I had lost something out of my saddle bag and checked to make sure it was zipped shut. A few moments later, Kerry announces that her rear brake has stopped working. We continue riding because… Kerry doesn’t actually use brakes anyway, they just slow her down which meant it really wasn’t a big deal. 😉

Turns out, that PING sound was some part of her brake flying off…

So as we investigate her bike, we wonder: where is Chris?

Turns out he found some loose sand around hematoma hill and I think Colin said that he also had a flat at one point? Not sure. He’s Okay though!!

On that note, we finally decide to call it an evening.

Collin won the “clean ride” award for this week! Congrats!

Hope to see everyone again next week!



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