Meeting Minutes – April

We would first like to extend a great big, warm WELCOME to the new members and hope that we did not scare you too much. We can’t wait to see you out on group rides with us (if it ever drys out).

Night TT Awards

Overall Points awards went to……………. drum roll please!………..

1st place: J-P!

2nd place: Travis!

Fastest Lap awards went to…………….. fast drum roll please!………

1st place: Mike Record!

2nd place: Boone Flynn!

Congrats to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves this year. Whether you shattered your PR times, or just FINALLY cleared clavicle calamity…

Colorado Bend State Park Camping Trip

It sounds like there are 8 people wanting to go on the Colorado Bend State Park camping trip on April 21-22. This is good to know so that now we can get camp sites reserved. Someone will be sending out an email to those who showed interest so that carpooling etc can get organized.

Trail Maintenance this Saturday  Trail Maintenance on Saturday April 14th!

We still have some “No Tresspassing” signs to put up to block off where the 4-wheelers are coming in at. The trails will need to be looked at to determine what other work will be needed after the recent rains.


The Big Event Recap

We discussed all of the wonderful work that was done by The Big Event crew. THANK YOU BIG EVENT!!!

A&MCHS Rocky Hill Race Recap

The A&M Consolidated High School Mt. Bike team brought home a first place trophy from the Rocky Hill Race. Tyler Fergusun has put together a FANTASTIC video that is the beginning of a larger film project, documenting the league’s first season. Check it out!

Speaking of volunteering, there are races coming up in both Waco (April 15) and Warda (April 29) which YOU can help volunteer at.

We’ll see you there!

In Attendance:

We had a knockout crowd of 18 people at this month’s meeting: Ali, Kim, Joel, Katelyn, Niccholas, Justin, Alex (New!), Jonathan L, Gina, James, Collin, Dana, Wei-Wei (New!), Billy (New!), Katie V (New!), Jeff V (returning member!), J-P, and Greg (New!).


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