Bad Apples

This is an APB from BVMBA. There are some new trails, ramps, berms short cuts being made/cut on the East Loop. BVMBA needs your help in locating these rouge trail cutters. Only BVMBA is authorized to work on the trails by BTU – no one else. We are required to submit plans to BTU for any new work we do on the trails and BTU has to approve this work before we start. The new trail that is being cut is located on the side of the levee. This is strictly prohibited by BTU. If this continues, WE WILL LOOSE OUR ACCESS TO THE TRAILS! No Joke. They will shut the trails down. The executive committee was told this just two weeks ago in a meeting with BTU. The lake is there for the power plant – not bikes.

We need to find out who is doing this work and coordinate/direct them. I love the energy and enthusiasm and can use it! The new ramp at the entrance to Rock Garden is fun, but there are some issues related to safety, longevity, and drainage. The new berm just created a hole that holds water. The new trail being cut on the levee will need to be closed. Period. If they have the energy, we can send them to do other things , and I already have the spot in mind. Please help us locate these people and ask them to email


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