Texas Mt. Bike League race moved to Rocky Hill

Hey BVMBAers,

We cannot seem to avoid the downpours this season and this last one was a doozey. The Texas High School Mt. Bike League was scheduled to race in Dallas this weekend, but:

“As many of you have experienced in the last few hours, we have been flooded.  Rowlett Creek Preserve received 3.5″ of rain last night and 2.5” is forecasted for today.  From discussing with the land manager, it will take over 2 weeks to dry.

This has forced us further south to Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville, TX.  Greg Maxwell has been so kind to waive the land use fee of $10 and just charge $15 for overnight camping and offer food from the Rocky Hill Cantina.  You can have that Rocky burger that you have always wanted.”

That said, they are on short notice for volunteers from the area. If you have some time this weekend that you would be willing to spare and are interested in supporting the High School Mt Bike League, please fill out the volunteer form and we’ll see you out there this weekend!



One thought on “Texas Mt. Bike League race moved to Rocky Hill

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