October 2011 Minutes

Attendees: Ali, Mike, Roul, Kim, Joel, Travis, and Emily
1)      Trail maintenance this Saturday… um, not really.  Power Pedal is this Saturday!  If you want to volunteer, go to http://www.powerpedal.com/PowerPedal/2011/Default.aspx and click on the link at the bottom of the page.  Email your hours to Ali at ajpwilkerson at yahoo dot com and you’ll get credit towards BVMBA trail maintenance.  No, Nick, participating in the race does NOT count towards volunteer hours.
2)      Trail maintenance this Thursday!  Bring bikes and tools and meet in the carpark at… Mike? What time?  Trail trimming will occur until the light runs out.  If you bring your bike lights, you can then join in the ride after the sun goes down.
3)      Friday is First Friday in downtown Bryan, an event that has nothing to do with mountain biking but which is fun anyway.  Downtown will be closed to parking, so park at Blinn and take the free shuttle downtown.  Arkitex Studio (308 N. Bryan Ave) will have the Bark-n-Build doghouse entries on display, so come vote for Mike’s your favourite one!
4)      Saturday is also Texas Reds http://tr.blog.bryantx.gov/  This also has nothing to do with mountain biking, but is also fun anyway.  Park at Blinn, take the shuttle, and pay your $5 to get in.  Wine, steaks, music, grape stomping, and vendors galore!
5)      Upcoming events:
a)      15-16 October: 24 hours of Rocky Hill http://www.terrafirmaracing.com/view.asp?id=45 BVMBA members/hangers on who have voiced their intention to participate to date include Mike, Joel, Nick, JP, Travis, Bill, Parker, Jackson, and Victor (really, guys?  Old Cranky Monkeys vs the not so Old Cranky Monkeys?  That was the best you could do?  )  Aggieland Cycling is fielding a team as well (Noah, Jeremiah, and Josiah).  We will be setting up camp on Friday night, so come the night before the race and see the carnival for yourself.  I AM SO EXCITED THERE’S A SOLO FEMALE RACING SINGLESPEED!!!  Go, Lauri Talbott!!
b)      Night time trials: will start after the Daylight Savings time change in November, and run until Joel gets tired of running them (probably January).  Mutterings abound about a quarter pot being established per race, with the night’s take going to the winner(s).  Stay tuned for details!
c)       Ok, this is way in advance, but save the date: 16-18 FEBRUARY 2011=TERLINGUAhttp://www.desertsportstx.com/mountain-bike-event/  Fun in the desert sun for 3 days!
6)      Yay to Kim and Emily, our new members and graphic designers!  Kim is tackling the website and map, and Emily is going to work on membership cards.  Huzzah!
7)      CONGRATS to Nick Kennedy and Parker Batt for their races this past weekend in Huntsville! Nick came in 9th place in the Cat 2 Men 19-34 division, and Parker came in 14th in the Cat 2/3 Singlespeed division.  Well done, gentlemen!

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