September 2011 Minutes

BVMBA September 2011 monthly meeting minutes

Attendees: Travis Prochaska, Gina Hokanson, Joel Reyes, John Fontenot, James Munnerlyn, Mike Record, Anne Pellerin, JP Rheault, Nick Kennedy, Victor Mason, Ali Wilkerson, Hung Bui, Emily Carlton

Trail maintenance this month is moved to 6pm Thursday 15 September. Meet in the carpark at Lake Bryan with bikes, camelbaks, and loppers/axes/handsaws/etc. We will focus on clearing the trail in preparation for the upcoming Power Pedal race 8 October. Mike will check with Barry about whether the Kinesiology students will be participating.

Power Pedal is on 8 October. If you want to volunteer for the race as a trail marshall, contact Mike and he will pass your name on to Adam at BTU. Mike will also check with Barry to see if the KINE students can earn hours volunteering for the race.

Rocky Hill Ranch will be holding a benefit this weekend for fire victims and for volunteer fire departments. JP and Travis are planning on attending, and they will be camping at RHR Friday night. A night lap and a morning lap are planned in preparation for the 24 hour race in October.

Other upcoming events:

17 September: Waco Wild West (Joel, Gina, Ali)

17 September: TMBRA Pain in the Plain Palo Duro (Nick? Vic?)

23 September: Tour de Cure Katy (Christopher, Kerry, Barry, Mike)

24 September: Terra Firma Adventure Race Reveille Peak (Ali)

25 September: Terra Firma 100K race Reveille Peak (anyone?)

1 October: TMBRA Dave Boyd Huntsville Classic XIV

15-16 October: Terra Firma 24 Hours of Rocky Hill (Mike, Joel, Nick, James?, JP/Travis/Bill/Kenny, Victor/Parker/Paymon… who else can we wrap into this thing?)

Summer Time Trials Awards were awarded at the September meeting – congrats to all the winners!

1st place Sport Male 15-18: Boone Flynn

1st place Sport Male 25-29: Brad Lintz

1st place Sport Male 35-39: JP Rheault

1st place Sport Male 40-44: Joel Reyes

1st place Sport Male 45-49: Mike Record

1st place Beginner Male 25-29: Travis Prochaska

1st place Beginner Male 30-34: Kenny Hunt

1st place Beginner Male 50+: Barry Boyd

1st place Sport Female 40-44: Ali Wilkerson

Fastest Overall: Mike Record (15:13) and Ali Wilkerson (17:30)

Most improved: Barry Boyd (1:45 improvement)

Most consistant: JP Rheault (0:30 change over 10 events)

Worst luck with DNFs: Ryan (John Flynn’s neighbor – our only DNF for the year!)

Best non-riding volunteer: Krista Vaneck (with thanks to Anne Pellerin for photos and cheering!)

3rd place overall: Joel Reyes and Ali Wilkerson (tie)

2nd place overall: Mike Record

1st place overall and 2011 Summer Time Trials Grand Champion: JP Rheault

Winter Time Trials will start a week or two after the time change in November. Stay tuned for details!

Submitted 13 September 2011

Ali Wilkerson, 2011 BVMBA Sec/Tres


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