Welcome to the BVMBA!

BVMBA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit riders group located in the College Station/Bryan, Texas area. The club is a group of mountain bike enthusiasts, from the casual rider to the expert racer, that promotes safe and responsible participation in off-road biking. The BVMBA is dedicated to assisting and educating all individuals in the sport of mountain biking. The club offers monthly meetings, group rides, time trials and other mountain bike related events. We are responsible for building and maintaining the trail system at Lake Bryan and the Millican Reserve.

Current Bylaws

Social Rides!

Join us for group rides on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm. We will be riding either at Lake Bryan or Millican as conditions permit.  Please check the Yahoo group or Facebook for upcoming ride locations (see below).  Social rides are a great way to meet club members and get information about the club.

Social Media!

To get the most up to date information on club activities and trail conditions etc. sign onto the BVMBA Yahoo group  or visit us on Facebook.

Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. at Blue Baker (800 University Dr. East Ste 100, College Station). Come join us!

NOTE: The next meeting will be held Monday, July 6th, 2015

Come join us for trail maintenance day!

Trail Maintenance is normally held on the Saturday immediately after the Monday meeting. We meet at 9:00 am. in the Lake Bryan parking lot by the boat ramp or at the Millican Reserve (check with a club officer for location) and work until noon. Afterward, we often meet for lunch.

Current Officers, 2014-2015:

Luke Conlin, President

Beth Boudreau, Vice President

Amy Tutoki, Secretary/Treasurer

Questions or comments? Please email the officers.

Upcoming events:

Monthly meeting: Monday, July 6th, 6:30 pm. at Blue Baker (800 University Dr. East Ste 100, College Station).

Trail maintenance: Saturday, July 11th.  E-mail an officer for time and tasks.

Join us for group rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm. Meet at the Lake Bryan boat ramp parking lot on Tuesday or the Millican Reserve parking lot on Thursday, and be ready to ride at 6:30 pm.


Annual dues are $30/year, prorated, and cover an individual and their immediate family.

Membership forms are available online and at all club events. Print and complete the form and turn in to the club treasurer at the next club meeting, or mail to BVMBA, P. O. Box 9603, College Station, TX 77842.

For riding at Millican Reserve, each rider must have a completed, signed waiver on file with the Reserve or an affiliate before riding.

Members are asked to contribute to club service by completing a minimum of  9 hours of service yearly through participation in activities such as trail maintenance or web site development and maintenance, membership drives, or volunteering at events, or through donations for equipment for these and similar activities.

Recent Posts

BVMBA Monthly Meeting Minutes June 1, 2015

BVMBA Monthly Meeting Minutes June 1, 2015

Attendance:  Amy, Beth, James, Mike, Fred, Jason, Jack, Christopher, Kerry and Gina

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant: BVMBA was awarded $20,000 to maintain and develop additional trails at Lake Bryan (the grant had a stipulation that the land had to be open to the public, which is why the grant wasn’t written for the Millican Reserve property).  A committee is needed to administer the grant.  The committee will be responsible for completing quarterly reports, planning and making purchasing decisions.  Mike, Fred, Gina and James have volunteered. If you are interested in being on the committee, please email Beth at bethbdr483@gmail.com.
  • Millican Reserve has finalized the development plans so the next phase of trail building is about to begin. James will be meeting with Johnny this Thursday to determine the next phase of trails. The trail committee will be called into action once we have more details from the meeting.
  • Trail status at Lake Bryan:  the weather has taken a toll on the trails so we need to get out on the East Loop to start clean-up.  This Thursday’s social ride at Lake Bryan will be a walkthrough of the east loop to determine what needs to be done as well as some light clean-up.  Please meet at the boat dock parking lot at 6pm.  Bring gloves, loppers and water.  Members are encouraged to get out on the trails for trail maintenance at any time.  Please report progress to the BVMBA listserv so everyone knows which areas have been tackled.
  • Trail status at Millican Reserve: The bridges and water crossings need to be repaired as well as mowing and general clean-up.  Our monthly trail maintenance will be at Millican Reserve this Saturday.  Meet in the parking lot at 8am.  Bring loppers, gloves and water.  If trails can be ridden, there will be a post trail maintenance ride, so bring your bike.
  • The winter time trail prizes will be conducted at the Brazos Valley Mountain Bike Festival on June 13, 2015.
  • Housing plans are being finalized for the BVMBA bike trip to Colorado scheduled for September 12-20, 2015. If you are interested in participating in this trip, please see the trip flyer posted on the BVMBA website for all the details.  If you have questions about the trip, please post them on the listserv.
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