Welcome to the BVMBA!

BVMBA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit riders group located in the College Station/Bryan, Texas area. The club is a group of mountain bike enthusiasts, from the casual rider to the expert racer, that promotes safe and responsible participation in off-road biking. The BVMBA is dedicated to assisting and educating all individuals in the sport of mountain biking. The club offers monthly meetings, group rides, time trials and other mountain bike related events. We are responsible for building and maintaining the trail systems at Lake Bryan and the Millican Reserve.

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Current Bylaws

Current Officers, 2017-2018

Paulo Silva, President

Travis Prochaska, Vice-President

Gina Hokanson, Secretary-Treasurer

Questions or comments? Please email us at BVMBAinfo@gmail.com


Annual dues are $30/year, prorated, and cover an individual and their immediate family. For the month of December, the prorated rate is $5.00.

Membership forms are available online and at all club events. Print and complete the form and turn in to the club secretary at the next club meeting, ride or event, or mail to BVMBA, P. O. Box 9603, College Station, TX 77842.

IMPORTANT: For riding at Millican Reserve, each rider must have a completed, signed waiver on file with the Reserve or an affiliate before riding.  This is different from the waiver included in the BVMBA membership form.

You may also submit a completed membership form by digitally signing the form, or signing a printed copy and scanning it in, then e-mailing the completed form to BVMBAinfo@gmail.com.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail when we have both your membership form and payment.

Payments accepted include personal checks, payable to BVMBA, or Paypal transactions (IMPORTANT:  Anyone (including both new and existing members) can purchase an annual membership using Paypal between Jan 1 – Feb 29 each year.  Starting Mar 1, only new members may use Paypal and delinquent existing members should contact the officers).  Click the button below to purchase an annual membership for February 2017-February 2018.

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Members are asked to contribute to club service by completing a minimum of  9 hours of service yearly through participation in activities such as trail maintenance or web site development and maintenance, membership drives, or volunteering at events, or through donations for these and similar activities.  Suggested yearly donation in lieu of service is $60 (or $5 / month).

To make a one-time physical donation (equipment, supplies, raffle prizes, etc.), please contact us at BVMBAinfo@gmail.com to set up a collection time.

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